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01-01-006.0 Clarion NZ502E - DVD MULTIMEDIA STATION WITH BUILT-IN NAVIGATION <font size="4" color="#5A5097">High-performance navigation and superb entertainment in compact dimensions.</font>

<font size="4" color="#5A5097">1-DIN all-in-one multimedia unit</font>

When it comes to bringing multimedia functions with navigation to the car interior even if there is only limited space, the NZ502E offers a great advantage with its 1-DIN design. 

<font size="2">Parrot Bluetooth® for hands-free communication, access to phonebook and audio streaming

Made for iPod® and Made for iPhone® for seamless integration</font>

<font size="4" color="#5A5097"><i>FEATURES</font></i>
<li>7-inch digital touch panel WVGA monitor
<li>CD/SD/MP3/WMA/DVD/MPEG4 playback
<li>18FM, 6MW station presets
<li>Built-in Parrot Bluetooth Interface (HFP, HSP, OPP, A2DP, AVRCP, DUN, PBAP)
<li>Built-in Microphone and external microphone ready with optional RCB199
<li>(2) Audio/Video inputs (front 3.5mm, rear RCA)
<li>2-zone entertainment: front and rear separate source control
<li>Rear USB Port with iPod direct connect capabilities
<li>iPod Audio/Video control with optional CCA750 iPod interface cable
<li>Rear vision camera composite video input
<li>Built-in SiRFprima mapping on preloaded microSD card
<li>12 million points of interest
<li>Text to speech for street announcements
<li>Multi Language display capability (Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Polish, Spanish and Swedish)
<li>4 x 50 W MOS-FET power amplifier
<li>4V/6 channel audio pre-out
<li>Subwoofer level control
<li>24-bit D/A converter
<li>Built-in Low pass / High pass filters
<li>Magna Bass EX dynamic bass enhancement
<li>BEAT EQ for sound adjustment
<li>OEM steering wheel remote ready
<li>Wireless remote control included

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01-01-014.3 Clarion NX405E with Suzuki logo - 2 Din multimedia station with navigation <font size="4" color="#5A5097">Navigation, multimedia and HDMI™</font>

<font size="3" color="#5A5097">GPS navigation with rich graphics and superior functionality</font>

NX405E features a built-in car navigation system with simple destination input, turn-by-turn voice prompts, and selectable route guidance - everything you need to reach your destination quickly and efficiently. Pre-loaded with rich points of interest, its database includes national parks, restaurants, petrol stations, and much more.

<font size="3" color="#5A5097">Refined and sophisticated design with enhanced visual recognition</font>

Diagonally cut surfaces stand out with this “slash design”, adding sharpness to simplicity. What’s more, the “slash design” also accentuates the menu screen, using vivid colours to separate the different function categories and contributing to the menu’s superior visibility and ease of visual recognition.

<font size="3" color="#5A5097">Enjoy the latest digital functionality</font>

In addition to listening to music stored on your smartphone through the car’s audio system, you can also enjoy hands-free telephone communication. HDMI™ mode is supported so smartphone app screens and video content can be displayed on the large screen. Experience a wider range of digital media thanks to high-resolution format support, such as H.264 video via USB as well as lossless FLAC audio files.

<font size="4" color="#5A5097"><i>FEATURES</font></i>
<li type="square">MONITOR

<li>Screen Size (Inches) : 6
<li>Aspect Ratio : 16:9
<li>Display Type : 6,0" WVGA
<li>Drive Principle : TFT active matrix
<li>Number of Pixels : 1.152.000 pixels (800 RGB (H) × 480 (V) × 3)

<li type="square">TUNER

<li>Frequency Bands : FM/AM
<li>FM: (MHz) 0.05 MHz steps : 87,5 - 108,0
<li>AM: (kHz) 9 kHz steps : 531 - 1.602

<li type="square">DVD

<li>Useable Discs : DVD-Video/DVD ±R/DVD ±RW
<li>Frequency Response (Hz) : 20 - 20.000
<li>Distortion (%) : 0,05

<li type="square">CD

<li>S/N Ratio (dB) 1 kHz : 93dB
<li>Frequency Response (Hz) : 20 - 20.000
<li>Dynamic Range (dB) 1 kHz : 93
<li>Distortion (%) : 0,05

<li type="square">AUDIO

<li>Power Output (DIN45324, +B = 14,4 V) : 25W

<li type="square">GENERAL

<li>Dimensions (W × H × D) (mm) : 178 × 100 × 172
<li>Weight (Lbs) : 5,0
<li>Power Consumption : 4A @ 1W
<li>Power Requirement : 10,8V - 15,6V
<li>Speaker Impedance : 4O-8O
</ul> 01-01-014.3
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01-02-002.0 Clarion CZ102E - 1-Din CD/MP3/WMA receiver - blue display <font size="3" color ="#5A5097">Play MP3 and WMA for your in-car entertainment.</font>

The source unit supports both MP3 and WMA digital audio files, as well as ID3-TAG coding for display of title information. Since MP3 and WMA files are compressed, each CD-R or CD-RW can hold up to 12 hours of music. Alternatively, you can hook up a portable audio unit via the Front AUX.

<font size="3" color ="#5A5097"> Experience the elements of superb sound.</font>

The MOS-FET power amplifier provides high quality output with minimal power consumption. What’s more, Beat EQ allows convenient equalisation, Magna Bass EX boosts low frequencies and LPF (Low Pass Filter) outputs signals to better match your speakers.

<font size="3" color ="#5A5097">Designed to be simple, stylish and user-friendly</font>

Based on Clarion’s H.M.I. concept, the source unit features a control panel layout that provides intuitive access to functions. Instead of small buttons cluttering the face, the controls are clustered in zones near the prominent control dial while maintaining a smoothly elegant surface. The display is easy to read, with bright illumination, and is very user friendly.

<font size="3" color="#5A5097"><i>FEATURES</font></i>
<li>CD/MP3/WMA playback
<li>3.5 mm audio auxiliary input (front)
<li>4 × 45 W MOS-FET power amplifier
<li>Subwoofer level control
<li>Built-in Low pass filter
<li>Magna Bass EX dynamic bass enhancement
<li>Beat EQ for sound adjustment
<li>2V / 2-channel audio pre-out
<li>OEM steering wheel remote ready
</ul> 01020020.jpg
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01-02-012.0 Clarion VZ402E - 1-Din DVD Multimedia met 7" display met hoge resolutie Clarion VZ402E



    7-inch digital touch panel WVGA touch panel LCD monitor

    CD/MP3/WMA/DVD Playback

    18FM, 6MW station presets

    Built-in Parrot Bluetooth interface (HFP, HSP, OPP, A2DP, AVRCP, DUN, PBAP)

    Built-in microphone and external microphone ready with optional RCB199

    (2) Audio/Video Inputs (Front 3.5mm, Rear RCA)

    Video output for rear seat entertainment

    Rear USB port with iPod and iPhone direct connect capabilities

    iPod Audio/Video control with optional CCA750 iPod interface cable

    Rear vision camera composite video input

    40 Watts x 4 built-in amplifier

    2V/ 6-channel audio pre-out

    24-bit D/A converter

    Subwoofer level control

    Built-in Low Pass Filters

    2-band parametric equaliser

    OEM steering wheel remote ready

    Wireless remote control included 01020120.jpg
349,000000 €
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01-02-017.0 Clarion CZ104E - 1-Din CD/USB/WMA receiver <font size="4" color="#5A5097">Musical media meets high impact design</font>

<font size="3" color="#5A5097">Easy-to-understand control panel layout</font>

The black colour scheme with blue illumination gives this source unit a unique look. The large rotary volume knob, and operation buttons that seem to radiate outward from the centre, are easy to use. It’s a simple and stylish way to enjoy a variety of sources including store-bought and home-burned CDs, music files and radio programmes. 

<font size ="3" color="#5A5097">Play MP3 and WMA for your in-car entertainment</font>

The source unit supports both MP3 and WMA digital audio files, as well as ID3-TAG coding for display of title information. Since MP3 and WMA files are compressed, each CD-R or CD-RW can hold many times the music of ordinary music CDs. 

<font size="3" color="#5A5097">Front USB slot with MP3/WMA compatibility</font>

Many people acquire music as audio files or rip audio files from their CDs, and probably so do you. The front USB slot supports playback of MP3 and WMA format audio files, so you can store your favourite music on a USB drive and enjoy them in your car. Equipped with lid to keep dust out when not in use.

<font size ="3" color="#5A5097">Front AUX input lets you easily connect to external sources</font>

By now you might have a wide variety of music sources, from the latest digital device to the worn-out analogue machine. Whatever it is, as long as it has an AUX output or headphone jack, you can easily hook it up to the source unit’s AUX input right on the front panel, for continued enjoyment.

<font size="3" color="#5A5097"><i>FEATURES</font></i>
<li type="square"> TUNER

<li>Frequency bands
<li>FM: (MHz) 0.05MHz steps : 87,5 to 108,0
<li>AM: (kHz) 9 kHz steps : 531 to 1.629
<li>FM usable sensitivity (dBf) : 8
<li>FM 50 dB quieting sensitivity (dBf) : 17
<li>FM alternate channel selectivity (dB) : 60
<li>FM stereo separation @1 kHz (dB) : 304
<li>FM stereo freq. resp. @ ±3 dB (Hz) : 30 to 15.000

<li type="square"> CD

<li>S/N ratio (dB) : 94
<li>Frequency response (Hz) : 20 to 20.000
<li>Dynamic range (dB) : 82
<li>Harmonic distortion (%) : 0,1

<li type="square"> AUDIO

<li>Power output (DIN45324, +B = 14,4 V) : 4 × 20W

<li type="square"> GENERAL

<li>Dimensions (W × H × D) (mm) : 188 × 58 × 190
<li>Weight (kg) : 1,3
<li>Power consumption: less than : 15 A
<li>Speaker impedance : 4O (4O to8O allowable)
</ul> 01020170.jpg
99,000000 €
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01-02-018.0 Clarion CZ215E - 1-Din CD/USB/MP3/WMA receiver <font size="4" color="#5A5097">Cool entertainment capabilities with a dash of passion</font>

<font size="3" color="#5A5097">All-new styling cues incorporate the essence of high quality</font>

The CZ215E feature a sophisticated design accentuating diagonal lines with vivid red illumination offering an eye catching high-end multimedia device that looks great in any vehicle interior.

<font size ="3" color="#5A5097">The best of Clarion sound technologies for the sound that best matches your car</font>

Clarion’s original sound technologies, as well as tuning capabilities to customise the acoustics for your car, converge into a single unit. A variety of sources ranging from CD to compressed audio files are reproduced with fullbodied presence. It will change your car into an ultimate listening environment, and you’ll have more fun driving.

<font size="3" color="#5A5097">Multimedia support including iPhone®, MP3/WMA compatible Front USB and CD-R/RW discs </font>

Just connect your iPod® and iPhone to the source unit’s USB port to access and play music through your car’s audio system. ABC Search is possible using the source unit’s controls. The front USB slot also supports playback of MP3 and WMA format audio files, so you can save your favourite music onto a USB memory device and enjoy them in your car. And since CD-R and CD-RW discs are supported, you can play music discs transfered at home in addition to the store-bought CDs.

<font size="3" color="#5A5097"><i>SPECIFICATIONS</font></i>

<li type="square">TUNER

<li>Frequency bands
<li>FM: (MHz) 0.05 MHz steps: 87.5 to 108
<li>AM: (kHz) 9 kHz steps: 531 to 160
<li>LM: (kHz) 3 kHz steps: 153 to 279
<li>FM usable sensitivity (dBf): 10
<li>FM stereo separation @ 1 kHz (db): 30
<li>FM stereo freq. resp. @ ± 3 dB (Hz): 30 tot 7.000

<li type="square">CONNECTION FOR USB

<li>USB requirements: USB 1.1/2.0
<li>USB-class: Mass storage class
<li>File system: FAT 12/16/32
<li>MP3 decoding: MPEG-1/2 AUDIO layer-3
<li>WMA decoding: Windows Media™ Audio

<li type="square">CD

<li>S/N ration (dB): SP-OUT: 86         Line-out: 100
<li>Frequency response (Hz): 20 to 20.000
<li>Dynamic range (dB): 93
<li>Harmonic range (%): 0,1

<li type="square">AUDIO

<li>Maximum power output: 50W x 4

<li type="square">GENERAL

<li>Dimensions (W × H × D) (mm): 188 × 58 × 177
<li>Weight (Lbs): 2,34
<li>Power requirement: 14,4 DC (10,8 - 15,6 V allowable)
<li>Pouwer consumption: less than 15 A
<li>Speaker impedance: 4O (4O to 8O allowable)
<li>Pre-maximum output voltage: 2V / 10 kO
<li>Maximum mounting angle: 30°
</ul> CZ215
109,000000 €
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01-02-020.0 Clarion CZ505E - 1Din DAB/Bluetooth/CD/USB/MP3/WMA receiver <font size="4" color ="#5A5097"> Multi connectivity including DAB to vividly highlight your drive </font>

<font size="3" color ="#5A5097"> Built-in DAB+ tuner</font>

CZ505E has a built-in DAB+ tuner that is compatible with both DAB and DAB+ radio broadcasts. Technically these two use different encoding (MP2 for DAB and aacPlus for DAB+) but either way the digital broadcast signal offers CD-quality audio with more purity and reduced noise compared to analogue. The latest functions, such as service listing in alphabetical order,are supported.
*DAB antenna included

<font size="3" color ="#5A5097"> Bluetooth® for hands-free communication, phonebook access and audio streaming</font>
Built-in Bluetooth provides hands-free telephone communication, with comprehensive compatibility with a variety of mobile phones. With a built-in microphone and phonebook access, you can safely talk and drive at the same time. Play music stored on your mobile phone with Bluetooth audio streaming.

<font size="3" color="#5A5097"><i>SPECIFICATIONS</font></i>
<li type="square">TUNER

<li> Frequency bands:
<li> FM: (MHz) 0.05MHz steps : 87.5 to 108	
<li> MW: (kHz) 9 kHz steps : 531 to 1,602
<li> LW: (kHz) 3 kHz steps : 153 to 279

<li> Digital radio selection (DAB):
<li> Band ?: (MHz) 174.928 to 239.200
<li> L-Band: (MHz) 1452.960 to 1490.624

<li> FM usable sensitivity (dBf): 8
<li> FM 50 dB quieting sensitivity (dBf): 17
<li> FM alternate channel selectivity (dB): 60
<li> FM stereo separation @1 kHz (dB): 30
<liFM stereo freq. resp. @ ±3 dB (Hz): 30 tot 15.000

<li type="square">CD

<li> S/N ratio (dB): 80
<li> Frequency response (Hz): 20 tot 20.000
<li> Dynamic range (dB): 94
<li> Harmonic distortion (%): 0,1

<li type="square">AUDIO

<li> Maximum power output: 45W x 4

<li type="square"> GENERAL

<li> Dimensions (W × H × D) (mm): 188 x 58 x 190
<li> Power consumption: less than: 15 A
<li> Weight (Lbs): 1,44
<li> Speaker Impedance: 4? (4 ? à 8? allowable)
199,000000 €
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01-02-021.0 Kenwood KMM-BT205 FM-BT-USB  Kenwood KMM-BT205
119,000000 €
incl. VAT
01-03-001.0 STC10.115 AUX audio input  Fiësta - Focus - C-Max 2011  01030010.jpg
25,000013 €
incl. VAT
01-03-002.0 STC10.110 Extern audio input on Becker radio / navi  - 3,5 mm. jack  01030020.jpg
11,500000 €
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01-03-003.0 CA ASY USB (retro fit conn box) MBX01  - 1746768  01030030.jpg
79,000000 €
incl. VAT
01-03-004.0 Dashboard mounting USB port + 3.5 mm Jack aux  01030040.jpg
29,000000 €
incl. VAT
01-03-005.0 CA ASY USB (retro fit conn box) MBX02  - 1775643  01030050.jpg
79,000000 €
incl. VAT
01-03-006.0 STC10.107 Aux input on Ford OEM radio with 3.5mm female  01030060.jpg
19,000000 €
incl. VAT
01-03-007.0 Externe audio aansluitkabel, 2 x  3,5 mm. male jack curled cable  01030070.jpg
6,500000 €
incl. VAT
01-03-008.0 CA ASY USB (retro fit conn box) MBX03  - 1775644  01030080.jpg
118,999229 €
incl. VAT