7" monitor (3 articles)
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04-04-010.0 7" TFT monitor 800 x 400 12v.dc  2 input  04040100.jpg
113,000000 €
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04-04-011.0 STC-700PL 7 quad TFT monitor LED / touchscreen , 1RCA + 4 md camera  7" touchscreen monitor
497,000000 €
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04-04-015.0 7 inc. 4 channel quad colour monitor Product Description

    ?Dimension:7 Inch Digital Color LCD Quad monitor

    ?Resolution: 800 *3(RGB)*480 

    ?TV System: NTSC/PAL

    ?Multiple menu languages: English, Dutch, French, Spanish, Russian, German, Italian

    ?Monitors can be optional with loudspeaker or not, users can adjust sound on the control 

    ?Support 4 cameras video simultaneous input

    ?Support 4 cameras audio simultaneous input

    ?Can repeat the view picture ,1-60 sec can adjustment

    ?Single, dual, triple, quad image for optional

    ?Normal or mirrored picture can be switched separately on each camera

    ?Separate trigger control wire on each camera

    ?Monitor will automatic switch-over the image to the corresponding triggered camera and 

    ?back to the original mode when the trigger stops.

    ?The trigger delay time can be adjusted (0-4s) on each camera.

    ?In standby mode, monitor will turn on automatically when triggered

     and will switch to the corresponding trigger camera image,Trigger end after shutdown

    ?Working voltage: 12~32V,Self-protect of the DC voltage at the Short-Circuit. 04040150.jpg
149,000000 €
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