STCPTLP-UNI-M-350 Universele TwinLed 12v. 35 cm magneet
75,000 €
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TwinLed professional vehicle lighting

If it's well lit, it will be easily found!

Looking for the required component or screw is a regular routine
for the skilled person. And it's frustrating when you know
it's there, but you can't see it.
Install TwinLed in your cargo area and searching in the dark
is a thing of the past.

This luminaire with aluminium base and equipped with 2 neodyne magnets can
be connected directly on the existing ilumination fixtures.
With a consumption of 8 watts this solution will not over charge the existing
electrical installation of your vehickle.
Just remove the existing bulb and install the quick connection connector in place.
Ready !

You may exange for each existing bulb 1 TwinLed fixture.
Attach the fixtures with the magnets wherever you find fit, done.

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Professioneel - Armatuur <= 50cm: 0,080 € incl. VAT