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04-04-005.0 STCRVMM01 7 Rearview Mirror/monitor  04040050.jpg
159,010 €
incl. VAT
04-04-005.1 Universeel 7 Rearview Mirror/monitor - universeel  04040051.jpg
98,000 €
incl. VAT
04-04-011.0 STC-700PL 7 quad TFT monitor LED / touchscreen , 1RCA + 4 md camera  7" touchscreen monitor
497,000 €
incl. VAT
04-04-012.0 STCRVMM02 4.3 rearview mirror/monitor  04040120.jpg
195,003 €
incl. VAT
04-04-017.0 4,3" high brightness rear view mirror, no bracket !  4,3 " spiegel monitor
195,000 €
incl. VAT
04-04-025.0 4,3" 2-CH car monitor <font size="3" color="#5A5097"><i>Specifications:</font></i>

<li> Dimension: 4.3" Color LCD monitor 
<li> Resolution:480 x R.G.B x272
<li> Aspect ratio: 16:9
<li> Viewing angle: U: 50°/ D: 60°, R/L: 70°
<li> Rating:20,000 hours
<li> Working voltage:12V
<li> 2-CH inputs,Auto Reverse Trigger
<li> Operating Temperature: -10?~+65?
<li> Storage Temperature: <-30?~+80?
</ul>  04-04-025.0
89,000 €
incl. VAT
04-04-027.0 5,6" 2-CH car monitor <font size="3" color="#5A5097"><i>Specifications:</font></i>

<il> Dimension:5.6 Inch Digital Color LCD monitor.
<il> Resolution:640 X 3 X(RGB)X 480
<il> Brightness: 250cd/?
<il> Contrast:500 :1
<il> Aspect ratio:4:3
<il> Operating Temperature:-10?~+65?
<il> Storage Temperature:-30?~+80?
<il> Working Current: 800MA (with in 2 cameras)
<il> Bracket option U-shape / S-shape
<il> Working voltage:12-32V
<il> Outer dimension:158x(L)x 234(W)x 66.8(H)mm

<font size="3" color="#5A5097"><i>Functions:</font></i>

<il> Multiple menu languages: English, Dutch, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, German
<il> With remote control.
<il> Monitors can be optional with loudspeaker or not, users can adjust sound on the control panel or remote control
<il> Screen display mode can be switched the day mode & night mode by pressing button
<il> Support 4cameras video simultaneous input
<il> Support4 cameras audio simultaneous input
<il> Normal or mirrored picture can be switched separately on each camera
<il> Separate trigger control wire on each camera
<il> Monitor will automatic switch-over the image to the corresponding triggered camera and back to the original mode when the trigger stops.
<il> The trigger delay time can be adjusted (0-4s) on each camera.
<il> In standby mode, monitor will turn on automatically when triggered and will switch to the .
<il> Corresponding trigger camera image.
<il> Self-protect of the DC voltage at the Short-Circuit.
</ul> 04-04-027.0
119,000 €
incl. VAT
04-04-040.0 4.3" mirror TFT Auto dimming + OE fit  04040400
0,000 €
incl. VAT
04-04-042.0 7" Mirror mount TFT, OE bracket  04040420
0,000 €
incl. VAT
04-04-043.0 4.3" TFT monitor + mount op OE spiegelvoet  04-04-043.0
0,000 €
incl. VAT